Eating Healthy While Traveling

October 23, 2012

This year I have been a bit of a road warrior. In fact, when I departed on a recent business trip to the US, I calculated that I had actually been home (in Santiago, Chile) about 4.5 months the entire year. Not a bad thing. I totally thrive off of being on the move, experiencing […]

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Peru is Coming to Texas!

September 21, 2012

After a very long weekend (5 days!) for Chilean Independence holidays, I am getting ready to head north for my third tour in Texas at Central Market’s cooking school in early October. Since many of you reside in the Lone Star state, I wanted to share the low down on the classes, which will focus […]

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Texas & Argentina: Soul Republics

October 26, 2011

Having just spent 10 days in Texas, a true study in a very unique subculture within the United States, I was struck by the similarities between Texas and Argentina. They seem to be two “countries” (or perhaps, Republic is a better word) that are kindred spirits. Soul cousins at two opposite extremes of the American […]

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Fellow Foodies: Let’s Meet in Texas

October 15, 2010

While much of the world has been revealing in the collective euphoria following the rescue of los 33 (that’s local lingo for the miners), which we’ve been cheering on 24-7 here in Chile, I have been in a bit of frenzy to get ready for an upcoming promotional “tour” to the US in early November […]

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