Four Young Santiago Chefs

March 31, 2016

The food scene in the Chilean capital is sizzling and truly having its moment. The catalysts? A new generation of chefs who have trained abroad, returned to their country and are digging deep roots in Santiago. They have forged restaurant projects focused on Chilean ingredients and indigenous foodstuffs linking foragers, farmers, growers, fisherman, and food artisans […]

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Where I have been hiding…traveling

August 28, 2015

I have been laying low on the blog in the past few months. Work has been busy coupled with a business trip to Lima and preparation to escape winter in Santiago during July and August. We decided to go mostly to Europe and a side trip to the US. We went to soak up some […]

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Gluten Free Sticky Orange-Almond Cakes

June 5, 2014

This past Saturday was my first baby shower. This last trimester has snuck up on me so quickly. I am finding it hard to believe in little more than a month and a half I will have a babe in arms; a little person completely dependent on me for everything. It’s not as if I […]

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Santiago’s Best Coffee

February 25, 2014

One of the most common gripes I hear among many expats here is “what’s the deal with the coffee in Chile?”…as in, it is often Nescafe or a watered down espresso. Yes, in the past it may have been slightly subpar but that all is changing–quite quickly. Today, while chains like Starbucks and Juan Valdez […]

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Racy Corn Soup with Ginger & Basil

May 24, 2013

We are officially in soup season. While the afternoons here in Santiago still reach the mid-60s, the mornings and nights are frigid and have taken a dip into the 30s-40s. I have put to good use my favorite new hat, a chullo, made from alpaca from Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca. I recently kicked off […]

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South American Fall Getaways

February 28, 2013

Yesterday evening, I needed to blow off steam from the office and went out for my favorite vuelta, walk, around Parque Forestal from the Fine Arts museum to Plaza Italia and back. Earlier that afternoon, it had been an infierno outside but now, as the golden sun sank into the western horizon, a coolish breeze […]

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