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Chile’s Pristine Patagonia

January 27, 2012

Patagonia has been on our mind a lot as of late since the Torres del Paine park suffered a major forest fire in early January. Fortunately, the park is now open as is Explora hotel in the park. There’s so much talk of Patagonia that people think it’s just one place and it’s really this wide […]

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A Slice of the South in Santiago

June 15, 2009

  Chile, like a long string bean, extends over 2,600 miles from north to south, or 17º S- 56º S at Cape Horn. The regionality of the country’s ingredients is staggering. In the north, Andean and Peruvian staples like quinoa and chuño, freeze-dried potatoes; olives from Azapa; papayas from La Serena; and rich shellfish like […]

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Post Modern in Puerto Varas: Donde el Gordito

June 9, 2009

  Puerto Varas may very well be the “Portland” of Chile. It’s lush. It rains a lot. The town is steeped in Chile’s Germanic history yet laid back and modern. It has a stunning natural setting on the shores of the azure Llanquihue Lake with vistas of the conical Osorno Volcano. It’s a hip town […]

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