Two Lakes, Seven Rivers, and Four Seasons in Chilean Patagonia

January 3, 2014

Tweet It is so blustery that the wooden lodge seems to quiver with each wind gust. Ominous, heavy rain clouds darken the sky to the west, shrouding the snowy peaks. The rain begins to fall, slowly, than gaining force. As the wind howls, the rain is not really falling vertically, it is blowing—sideways. I feel [...]

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Tips for Weathering a Trip to Patagonia

June 3, 2013

Tweet Just saying the word Patagonia conjures up visions of jagged mountains, glaciers, and cold, often inclement, weather. The extreme weather in the remote lands of Patagonia in Southern Chile can make packing for a trip quite complex. Patagonia is notorious for its unpredictable weather patterns as storms born in the warmer Pacific Ocean move [...]

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Sun & Wine Salutations This Winter in Chile

August 1, 2012

Tweet Love yoga? Love wine? Love Nature? We do. If you find it hard to get back into your fitness and healthy eating routine post holidays, we have some inspiration for you. January may be cold and dreary, but it’s summer in Chile! Break out of the winter slump in 2013 to come to South [...]

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The Faces of Patagonia

April 25, 2012

Tweet Over Semana Santa, my husband and I left behind the never-ending summer in Santiago and jetted to the end of the South American continent. Patagonia. This was my seventh trip to the region, and people appeared to be stumped what I could possibly be doing there again. Why do you go to Alaska, or [...]

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Chile’s Pristine Patagonia

January 27, 2012

Tweet Patagonia has been on our mind a lot as of late since the Torres del Paine park suffered a major forest fire in early January. Fortunately, the park is now open as is Explora hotel in the park. There’s so much talk of Patagonia that people think it’s just one place and it’s really this [...]

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Grilled Lamb Burgers with Avocado Mayo

May 23, 2011

TweetSummer is just around the corner in much of the US (cold, rainy weather just a detail) and grilling seems to be synonymous with warm weather. This coming weekend, Memorial Day, officially inaugurates the picnic and barbeque season. Ahh, the smells of charcoal and seared meat fill the air. If you want a twist on [...]

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