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Dejunk Your Kitchen—and Life—of HFCS

March 21, 2011

Say goodbye to high-fructose corn syrup for good and watch that body fat melt away.

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What’s Coming Up: Colonia, Uruguay

March 9, 2011

Just a hop on the ferry across the grand Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires, the charming colonial gem of Colonia on the Southwestern shores of Uruguay, is quickly becoming a favorite getaway to South America’s smallest nation.

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Las Doscientas: 200% Olive Oil

August 1, 2006

     In Chile there has been a major increase in good quality, low-acid extra virgin olive oil production in the past couple years, although still only a fraction of it is being exported. That picture is rapidly changing and soon, I imagine that many Chilean oils will end up on the shelves of goodie stories […]

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Chilean Liquid Gold

October 19, 2005

Today the 3rd annual Chilean Olive Oil “Summit” was held by Chileoliva, the Association of Chilean Olive Oil Producers. Most people (including many Chileans) don’t realize it, but olive oil in Chile is quickly becoming the next hottest gastronomic commodity, following the wine suit with the majority of production exported abroad and providing consumers with a great […]

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