Life After Gluten

November 9, 2012

Three years ago I said adiós to gluten. At the beginning, it felt like a wake that lasted weeks and months. Good-bye pizza, pasta, sandwiches, pancakes. Don’t even talk about baguette or brioche. The evidence was all too clear. I felt bad, no, make that awful, every time I ate gluten. I was literally sick […]

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Seven Peruvian Super Foods You Should Know

August 22, 2012

CamuCamu: This edible fruit grows in a small, bush-like tree in the Peruvian flooded rainforest and is harvested by canoe. The fruit is a bright reddish-purple color, which imparts an attractive pink tint when juiced. Locals love CamuCamu for its mood elevating properties and remarkably high concentration of Vitamin C and bioflavenoids. The fruit itself […]

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Ditch the Dairy

March 28, 2011

The dairy industry has convinced us since birth that a balanced diet must include dairy, but if you yearn to see that six-pack again (or for the first time) ditching the dairy is key.

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My Miracle Food: Coconut Oil

August 16, 2010

Move over olive oil, coconut oil has taken the front stage in our kitchen. That’s right, while I still use whole, natural oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and tiny amounts of non-pasteurized butter from the campo (that’s right, they still sell that here in Chile), coconut oil is truly where it’s at for […]

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Water to Drink / Agua de Beber

March 22, 2010

I was born under the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, in the middle of a storm of frozen water (snow). Perhaps it was coincidence, but since my appearance in this world, water has been a major protagonist in my life. As a child, I wanted to jump in it, play in it, be in […]

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