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Classic Pairing: Goat Cheese with Sauvignon Blanc (Video)

January 30, 2012

Yesterday I turned 35. For many years, I always felt I had to do something to celebrate my birthday. Trips to Buenos Aires, the beaches of Uruguay, parties on terraces, etc. etc.  Perhaps it was because for most of my life before I moved to South America, my birthday always fell smack in the middle of […]

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Oh Christmas Tree…plus Salmon Ceviche

December 22, 2011

Yesterday, I finally broke down and bought a fake, plastic (pine) Christmas tree. Four days before Christmas and fittingly on our summer equinox in the Southern hemisphere. Many of you wrote me that Christmas is not Christmas without a tree. I agree. Between holiday and work overwhelm, I was making a bunch of lame excuses […]

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Chilean Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

August 8, 2011

  Every Chilean home has its own rendition of stuffed zucchini called zapallito italiano relleno in local speak. I always equate this homey dish to America’s beloved old-school macaroni-and-cheese. Every cook has their own special ingredients and usually, if you are at a loss of what to make, most households will have all the works on […]

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Culinary Icons: Coyam & Chilean Corn Pie (Video)

July 11, 2011

[vimeo 26268769 w=400 h=225] Oh sigh. Summer nostalgia has officially hit. I know many of you are indulging in the sweet tastes of summer. Nothing says summer for me like sweet corn. Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I remember pulling off the road into farm stands where our Amish neighbors would sell recently picked […]

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Grilled Lamb Burgers with Avocado Mayo

May 23, 2011

[vimeo 24119556 w=400 h=225] Summer is just around the corner in much of the US (cold, rainy weather just a detail) and grilling seems to be synonymous with warm weather. This coming weekend, Memorial Day, officially inaugurates the picnic and barbeque season. Ahh, the smells of charcoal and seared meat fill the air. If you […]

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Divine Perfection: Fresh Fig Salad with Sheep’s Milk Cheese

May 2, 2011

[vimeo 23155836 w=400 h=225] If there’s one fruit that claims my total devotion, that fruit is figs. We are blessed in this Mediterranean oasis to have many fig trees adorning the countryside around Santiago and in the Central Valley. They grow into shady, majestic trees which bear fruit twice every year. At Christmas, their branches […]

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