A Few Things I Have Learned from Chilean Culture

January 20, 2014

Every January, I mark off another year on my expat calendar calling Chile, and South America, home. While I certainly am fortunate to spend a lot of time throughout the year in Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, for thirteen years (yes that’s 1-3), Chile has been home. Certainly a lot of the local customs have rubbed […]

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Order Me a Vacation

July 26, 2011

Here I am sitting, indecisive, paralyzed. How can something as fun as planning a vacation be so difficult? How the heck did my calendar get blocked for the next year already? You would think that since we’re in the business of planning other people’s vacations, it would be a whiz when it came to our […]

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Why Now is Still the Time to Come to Santiago–and Chile

March 1, 2010

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, I am not nuts. Let me explain, por favor. While so much of the worldwide media seems intensely focused on the devastation in Chile, please note that many of these images are from the cities of Constitución, Talca, and Concepcion, over 200 miles south of Santiago. Santiago, for […]

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