Wines to Watch

June 9, 2011

A lot of you have been asking about the wines used during our events and tastings on my US road show in May. This post is going to profile a couple of those select producers that are boutique in size but high in quality and uniqueness. You can find these in the US now and […]

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Three Funky & Innovative New Wines to Put on Your List

May 20, 2011

As I’d talked about in an earlier post, Santa Carolina as a winery has undergone a profound change from viticulture, to winemaking, to marketing and corporate image. It’s fresh, new, and innovative, thriving on young blood and a lot of ganas, as we say in Chile. Their new line of wines seeks new, single vineyard […]

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Meet Photographer Matt Wilson

July 12, 2010

I want to introduce all of you guys to one of the brightest and best photographers I have had the privilege of meeting in Chile (and no, it’s not my husband Francisco who does many of the pics for our books/website/blog, although he certainly qualifies. :). Meet Matt Wilson. Matt is an expat like myself, […]

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Chile’s Wine Routes: The Road to Terroir

June 10, 2009

An excerpt from a recent piece I wrote for LAN Airlines award-winning in-flight magazine, IN, the June Edition is all about South American wine. Here, I orient readers with a sampling of Chile’s varied terroir close to Santiago (only four valleys out of a dozen!), focusing on the general organized wine routes for more basic tours. If […]

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New World “Fun”

August 13, 2006

Friday night, innocent cosmopolitans with friends at the Ritz’s new martini lounge led to an impromptu dinner party at my apartment. With freshly made Moussaka lurking in my oven and no company to share it with, I decided to invite over my drinking companions and have them partake in this intense Mediterranean dish accompanied by […]

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