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Dreams Can Come True

December 9, 2015

What if you could make your dream a reality? Would you sell everything you own, move to another continent, and dedicate all your passion and energy to making that happen? That’s what Michael Paravicini did. The Swiss-born owner of Vira Vira Hacienda Hotel, in Southern Chile, decided on his 50th birthday that the time was […]

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Tips for Pairing Vegetarian Dishes with Wines

April 24, 2013

There’s a popular saying that “red wine goes with meat and white wine goes with fish, or white meats”. Although this may be very overly generic, what happens when you take a break from meat and focus on vegetables; or are vegetarian? What happens to the above-mentioned wine pairing hierarchy? Does it break down? Do […]

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Diversity: Chile’s Wine Buzz Word

January 7, 2013

Imagine this. Twelve dramatically different wine valleys packed into a 1,000 mile north to south mid-section of the country, no more than 100 miles or so wide at any point. Vineyards sit in the piedmont with jagged, snowcapped peaks cutting into the sky. Others rise on gentle, sloping hills with the shimmer of the azure […]

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Three New (Awesome) Chilean White Wines

December 3, 2012

Chile is really carving a niche out for itself with its white wines. Every year, they just get better and better with Sauvignon Blanc blazing the path. Long gone is the style of the over-oaked, caramel-laden Chardonnay. That is so California. So 1990s. Chilean winemakers are seeking out new parcels close to the sea or […]

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Eat Wine Santiago 2012 Debut (Want a Free Copy?)

December 21, 2011

I have been hard at work on holiday season gift for you all (no Santa nor magic elves involved though). In fact, you’ll find a couple goodies in this post. Let’s start with the one that is most time sensitive Eat Wine Santiago 2012 is LIVE That’s right, Eat Wine Santiago’s latest annual edition is now […]

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Spicy, Garlicky Shrimp in 1, 2, 3

April 18, 2011

[vimeo 22557864 w=400 h=225] Hi Guys, this is an exciting day to share with you! This is the first of twelve food and wine pairing videos I did in conjunction with Emiliana Orgánico winery, one of the leaders in sustainable and organic wines in Chile. Last May during two days, I let a professional film crew invade our (new!) […]

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