Knack South American Cooking: Cheese Bread Bites

June 14, 2011

These gluten-free cheese bread puffs are delicious and fast to make! Hailing from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, these cheese breads, known as pão de queijo, are extremely popular throughout Brazil and are gaining popularity abroad.  Brazilians use polvilho, a type of yucca starch, or yucca flour to achieve a crunchy outer crust and […]

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Three Funky & Innovative New Wines to Put on Your List

May 20, 2011

As I’d talked about in an earlier post, Santa Carolina as a winery has undergone a profound change from viticulture, to winemaking, to marketing and corporate image. It’s fresh, new, and innovative, thriving on young blood and a lot of ganas, as we say in Chile. Their new line of wines seeks new, single vineyard […]

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The Time Is Now: Piedra Negra 2002

May 13, 2011

I think all of us wine lovers, collectors, enophiles, and foodies tend to accumulate bottles of wine. Whole cellars of them. There, the wine “babies” lie for many moons, even years or decades, waiting for that perfect moment to be opened and savored. Wine is so intrinsically tied to memories and pleasure: of trips, people, […]

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Divine Perfection: Fresh Fig Salad with Sheep’s Milk Cheese

May 2, 2011

[vimeo 23155836 w=400 h=225] If there’s one fruit that claims my total devotion, that fruit is figs. We are blessed in this Mediterranean oasis to have many fig trees adorning the countryside around Santiago and in the Central Valley. They grow into shady, majestic trees which bear fruit twice every year. At Christmas, their branches […]

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Ditch the Dairy

March 28, 2011

The dairy industry has convinced us since birth that a balanced diet must include dairy, but if you yearn to see that six-pack again (or for the first time) ditching the dairy is key.

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What’s Coming Up: Colonia, Uruguay

March 9, 2011

Just a hop on the ferry across the grand Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires, the charming colonial gem of Colonia on the Southwestern shores of Uruguay, is quickly becoming a favorite getaway to South America’s smallest nation.

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