Casa Marin

Women to Watch in Chilean Wine

September 30, 2011

   When I drink wine, it’s not just about the juice. I tend to gravitate to projects that are personalized, often, where I know the people behind them. Sharing a product where we know and appreciate its origin, and support its owners, is important in this day and age, especially as things become more globalized and […]

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Chile in a Bottle

July 20, 2009

Translated from my monthly column in Chilean publication, Placeres Magazine, Placeres Compartido A common question I get from Readers and clients traveling in Chile is, “What Chilean wine do you recommend?” It’s a tricky one.  It would be too easy to simply recite a laundry list of the dozens of wine I love with whatever comes […]

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Party’s On! San Antonio Wine Fest

April 27, 2009

This coming Saturday, May 2, the tiny little coastal appellation of San Antonio will be getting on its first wine festival from 11am-6pm. San Antonio is about an hour west of Santiago over the steep coastal mountains. In my opinion, San Antonio is hands down producing many of the best and most interesting wines in […]

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Smokin’: San Antonio Valley’s Sauvignon Blancs

March 7, 2008

For many years, Sauvignon Blanc in Chile has been synonymous with the Casablanca Valley–that foggy valley off of Route 68 on the road to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. Mostly dairy farms until 1982, winemaker Pablo Morandé was the first to pioneer and plant wines here, finding the climate very similar to Sonoma in California […]

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