La Marraqueta

October 8, 2015

La baguette. This slender loaf of bread symbolizes France and so much about its identity. The baguette defines the national identity, molding and giving it shape. During our time in France, nearly a month, we followed the hallowed daily ritual of la baguette. We savored it often still warm, just out of the oven, and ate […]

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Dejunk Your Kitchen—and Life—of HFCS

March 21, 2011

Say goodbye to high-fructose corn syrup for good and watch that body fat melt away.

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Tea Time in Chile: Onces

June 22, 2009

A peculiar tradition inherited from the British, who settled in Chile in the 1800s, tea time in Chile is deeply rooted in Chilean food culture and is affectionately called Onces. Although the origin of the word is disputed, it seems to have its roots in the eleven-letter word, aguardiente, meaning fire water. At the end […]

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