South American Sparklers

October 24, 2011

Hi amigos. Color me happy, I am home after a whirlwind road show in the Southern US. GREAT trip. Beyond the cooking demos, classes at Central Market in Texas, and wine tasting events, I experienced a full-on tropical “monsoon” at Disney World in Florida (the Magic Kingdom is unfortunately not as fun in a day-long […]

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Knack South American Cooking: Cheese Bread Bites

June 14, 2011

These gluten-free cheese bread puffs are delicious and fast to make! Hailing from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, these cheese breads, known as pão de queijo, are extremely popular throughout Brazil and are gaining popularity abroad.  Brazilians use polvilho, a type of yucca starch, or yucca flour to achieve a crunchy outer crust and […]

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What’s Coming Up: Colonia, Uruguay

March 9, 2011

Just a hop on the ferry across the grand Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires, the charming colonial gem of Colonia on the Southwestern shores of Uruguay, is quickly becoming a favorite getaway to South America’s smallest nation.

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Knack South American Cooking: Bahian Coconut Fish Stew (Brazil)

October 18, 2010

Coconut milk and fragrant veggies make this one-pot dish a breeze A traditional Brazilian fish stew common in the northeastern state of Bahia, this dish has its roots steeped in the country’s colonial history. The flavorful, savory recipe combines fresh fish, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, coconut milk, and chilies and is slowly cooked, traditionally in […]

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The Grand Debut: Knack South American Cooking

July 8, 2010

I am super excited to announce to you all that our first print cookbook is officially out in the US market. On South American cooking, of course! This project humbly came, unexpectedly, to me and my husband Francisco (the photographer) a little over a year ago. To be honest, it is a total thrill to […]

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A Dozen “Other” South American Cocktails

November 12, 2009

On my last trip to the States, I was really excited to see how many Latin cocktails have become mainstream in bars, cocktail lounges, and restaurants. You probably already know them: Mojito, Cuba Libre, Caipirinha, Pisco Sour (Peruvian and Chilean versions, thank you). General awareness of Latin food, culture, cuisine, wines, and drinks most definitely […]

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