Texas & Argentina: Soul Republics

October 26, 2011

Having just spent 10 days in Texas, a true study in a very unique subculture within the United States, I was struck by the similarities between Texas and Argentina. They seem to be two “countries” (or perhaps, Republic is a better word) that are kindred spirits. Soul cousins at two opposite extremes of the American […]

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Grilled Lamb Burgers with Avocado Mayo

May 23, 2011

[vimeo 24119556 w=400 h=225] Summer is just around the corner in much of the US (cold, rainy weather just a detail) and grilling seems to be synonymous with warm weather. This coming weekend, Memorial Day, officially inaugurates the picnic and barbeque season. Ahh, the smells of charcoal and seared meat fill the air. If you […]

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