The Chilean Chocolatero

February 19, 2016

Meet Mark Gerrits. He’s the energy, and passion, behind Chile’s first bean-to-bar chocolate: ÓBOLO. Made right here in Santiago de Chile. ÓBOLO is provoking a long-awaited, and very necessary, revolution in chocolate here in Chile. Prior to existing, chocolate was imported and mostly manipulated into sweet bonbons with remelted European chocolate. ÓBOLO is turning that […]

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Jungle Love

November 2, 2012

The air is heavy, humid and so full of oxygen it feels weighted. In the distance, bolts of lighting make contact with earth and a stormy breeze ruffles the palms. There’s a scent of grilled meat perfuming the air. Next to the river, dozens of street food vendors prepare anticuchos, marinated ox heart skewers, and […]

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