Our Little World Traveler

by Liz Caskey on March 6, 2014

Well, amigos, I have to confess that we have been harboring a little secret from you all for nearly the past 20 weeks. Yep, we’ve got some exciting plans brewing for later this year in 2014…

Our first little world traveler is due to arrive in July 2014—and we could not be happier. Ecstatic is an understatement.

Actually, this kid has already accumulated some very impressive travel statistics since a very early gestational age. Baby has already been on 4 continents (South America, North America, Europe, and Northern Africa), 5 countries (USA, Italy, Germany, Morocco, and of course, Chile now from Patagonia to the Atacama Desert), 15 flights and 25,000 air miles flown (enough for in-utero elite status on Oneworld, I may add). We found out the joyous news while in Berlin in November, a place we’ll definitely remember forever. The composite picture shows some of our world travels together already with Mama.

We are obviously excited, probably a little naïve about all the life changes coming mid-year, and dreaming about all the places we’ll take him/her later this year and in 2015. So far, this has been a very easy pregnancy and we are enjoying every single moment along with that sweet anticipation of meeting him/her soon.

We’ll keep you updated, for sure, and be back soon for a round-up from our latest getaway to Chile’s arid north to the desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama.


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