Salta: Argentina’s Wild Northwest

by Liz Caskey on September 7, 2011

I am celebrating my upcoming trip to Salta next week, with a group of clients, in Northwest Argentina with this picture post of scenes from our last trip there. Salta is appropriately called “La Linda”, the beautiful by her residents, of both the city and province. I would also add incredible variety in landscape, cultures, foods, wines.

Hugging the northwest corner of Argentina, drop all your notions about what you think Argentina is here–it has nothing to do with the rest of the country, especially Buenos Aires. It feels very Andean. Geographically speaking, it’s some of the most gorgeous landscapes in South America: jaw-dropping mountain vistas and canyons that change with direct sunlight to reveal rainbow-like colors. One minute you’re in a parched desert, altiplano-like area and the next, verdant cloud forests that are jungle-like in their density. Dusty, picturesque colonial towns, striking haciendas, beautiful indigenous faces descendant of the Calchaquí Indians, and strong Catholic traditions still pulsate in the rural communitie. You feel far, far away from life here. The pace is refreshingly slow. Siesta is an institution. Road trips (and a camera) are daily events. Be patient if a flock of goats blocks your way. The landscape and wines will bewitch you. Want to go? Contact us. We now operate in Salta with culinary, cultural and wine tours; and you can perfectly connect over Paso de Jama from Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama. Enjoy…

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