Divine Perfection: Fresh Fig Salad with Sheep’s Milk Cheese

by Liz Caskey on May 2, 2011

[vimeo 23155836 w=400 h=225]

If there’s one fruit that claims my total devotion, that fruit is figs. We are blessed in this Mediterranean oasis to have many fig trees adorning the countryside around Santiago and in the Central Valley. They grow into shady, majestic trees which bear fruit twice every year. At Christmas, their branches become laden with large, juicy brevas. In early fall, the same “mother” tree gives life to higos, smaller and rounder figs that are sweet and often made into chunky jams. In the campo (countryside), figs are consumed raw with queso fresco, fresh cheese, or commonly made into a sticky-sweet jam to be spread on rustic bread like the famous tortillas de rescoldo from the Curicó region.

In this video, I team up with my favorite organic and biodynamic winery in Chile, Emiliana Orgánico, to pair fresh figs, melt-in-your-mouth sheep´s milk cheese, and their youthful Natura Cabernet SauvingnonSimple and straightforward.  The combination of tangy, earthy tasting sheep’s milk cheese, juicy figs, and succulent Serrano ham is a match made in heaven. The arugula adds a little note of spiciness and contrast with its crunchy texture. Love pizza? This recipe can also be transformed as a topping for gourmet pizza.

If you cannot find fresh figs, don’t despair, just plump up the dried ones for 30 minutes or so in some lukewarm water. The flavor will be more intense but the combo will deliver. Que disfruten…

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