Want to Tango in Argentina?

by Liz Caskey on April 20, 2011

All it takes is the first, melodic chords from the bandoneon of a tango to take me to Buenos Aires, and Argentina, no matter where I am in the world. Before moving on, may I invite you to click over and tune into La Cumparsita, one of the most famous and beautiful tango songs on your speakers.

In these notes are emotion, a distinct feeling that’s about being in Rioplatense culture. It’s like an emotional time machine that transports you there through music. Something in those notes expresses, on a non-verbal level, a larger sentiment and that sensation of living BA.  The music arouses an emotional mix rooted in nostalgia, passion, joy, remembrance of the people, foods, wine, and sense of connection through my friends there.

In Buenos Aires, tango isn’t just a dance. It’s a way of life. Born in the city’s slums, the dance was eventually embraced by all classes. Today it is an integral part of the fabric of Argentine society. A testament to the nation’s spirit.

Perhaps tango is the perfect metaphor for Argentina and why I have fallen so hard for it. Beyond its obvious seductions, there are no memorized steps in tango. This dance is entirely improvised each time, forever recreated by the leader and the follower who move to the rhythm of their own hearts and desires at that moment. No tango move is ever repeated. It’s real, authentic, and visceral.  Like the country, its culture, and people.

This August 6-12, 2011, I invite you to join me to dance tango and more in Buenos Aires and Mendoza on a one-time, signature tour, The Age of Argentina.  Come with me to experience my Argentina: the people, places, food, and wine. Live Argentine passion and hospitality. It transcends hosting—it’s a way of life; a way of being. Meet our friends who are generations-old food artisans dedicated to grilling the perfect steak; talented young chefs; passionate winemakers in Mendoza who will teach you about Malbec terroir; taste the recent 2011 vintage from barrels and even learn how to tango and trust in moving to your own beat. Connect with what’s inside through the passion Argentina generously gives to all who visit her.

Argentina is a special place where people make you feel like you’ve come home, even though it may be your first, or 100th, time there.  Why not, for a week, live life to the fullest and let me show you my Argentina.  Find out what la dulce vida means. Just be warned, you may fall in love.

Only a couple rooms are remaining! Contact us at info@lizcaskey.com for further information and the full itinerary. Why not make 2011 your year to tango in Argentina?

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