The Grand Debut: Knack South American Cooking

by Liz Caskey on July 8, 2010

I am super excited to announce to you all that our first print cookbook is officially out in the US market. On South American cooking, of course!

This project humbly came, unexpectedly, to me and my husband Francisco (the photographer) a little over a year ago. To be honest, it is a total thrill to see all those hours spent brainstorming, preparing and testing recipes, shooting photos, writing, and editing in their physical, printed form. Woohoo!

The motive behind this book is simple. To spread the culinary gospel on South American cuisine and get YOU cooking these dishes in your OWN kitchen. Can’t travel to South America right now? No problema. With this you can go on a virtual culinary tour of the region at home. The idea is share the region’s diverse flavors and culture with you. And yes, pair it with all the lush wines we love from Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay too.

So here’s the skinny on this book and how to go about getting. If you can’t wait to buy a copy, click this “add to cart” icon to your upper right and go.

Knack South American Cooking is part of the Knack Series, published by Globe Pequot Press. The premise of this entire series is to break cooking down and make it easy. Accessible. Quick, fresh, yet completely doable for modern life. Enter Knack South American Cooking.  This is a visually sumptuious step-by-step guide to recreate the authentic flavors of Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil with 100 recipes and over 350 full-color photos.

What Francisco and I truly sought to bring you, the reader, are these old school tastes…but standardized and cleaned up for an international kitchen. After all, I have spent a combined total of over 12 years in all these countries, and Francisco a lifetime, so as we pulled the classic flavors and dishes we love to share with you guys.

As the author, I’ll show you when to substitute ingredients; how and where to procure the hard-to-find goods. I threw in lots of nutrition tips, cultural anecdotes on the regions and people; cooking “datos” for everything from how to work ahead for a party to freezing if you are in a cooking frenzy one weekend. Francisco beautifully captured each step of the process to make the recipes foolproof along with the typical final presentations.

Over the next 2 months on the Eat Wine Blog, we’ll be sharing excerpts of six recipes from all the represented countries. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t include Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, etc. I address this editorial selection in the introduction. There is a reason.

Expand your cooking repertoire, bring some spice into your life, and discover what the natives eat down here in the Southern Cone, Peru, and Brazil, the iconic cuisines of the region.

Need More Juice? Details, Details


  • How the immigrant and native cultures of South America along with the unique geography have shaped the varied cuisines
  • Understand regional foodstuffs and traditions
  • Learn how to barbeque the South American way—from building the fire to achieving perfectly grilled meat
  • Get a handle on the beloved snack, empanadas, with a whole chapter dedicated to this passion
  • Cook through ingredient genres from the plethora of seafood (shellfish and fish) to poultry, beef, and pork
  • Master the iconic dishes from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil like feijoada, Hearty Black Bean stew, or Ají de Gallina, Creamy Yellow Chili Chicken.
  • Savor a repertoire of vegetarian dishes with all the corn, grains, rice, and beans dominant in the region
  • Chop up some tasty salsas from the original Chimichurri recipe to a huacatay dip made with Peruvian black mint
  • Step-by-step information to pump out perfect alfajores (dulce de leche filled cookies), Rustic Chilean Flan, and Braziliana Chocoloate bonbons
  • And much, much more!

What you get in the book:

  • 100 recipes, spelled out every step of the way
  • 250 recipe variations to spice it up
  • 350 full-color photos to bring the dishes to life and leave nothing to imagination or lack of understanding. We want you to ace these classic flavors on your first go!
  • Countless Tips in the “zoom”, “make it easy”, and “green/red light” sections
  • Regional Insights: Each recipe has an introduction where I contextualize the why of the recipe.
  • Travel and grocer resources in the index
  • And when you click here to order, we’ll also send you my bonus PDF of what regional South American wines pair best with these recipes. Print it out and take it to your favorite wine depot to stock up.

Knack South American Cook comes in paperback with thick, glossy pages and easy spread to keep it on your counter while you work. Our price per copy is just US$19.95 plus US$ 5.00 shipping , or US$24.95 total (continental US only).

Buy Now

It will blow your mind—and tastebuds. I promise. Cheers amigos and thanks in advance for the support!

If you want multiple copies or need shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or abroad, contact us directly for updated shipping rates. For larger orders, also write us for wholesale prices. Contact us at


Matt July 11, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Way to go Liz. Looks great. I’m gonna get me a copy. Hey you were pretty quiet about your husband! Seems he knows how to handle a camera.


Mart S. July 12, 2010 at 7:09 am

Great deal! I’m excited to have one. Kudos!

Ivy Manning July 14, 2010 at 7:21 pm

Heh Liz

Congratulations on the book launch! I’ve ordered my copy through Amazon! I guess I’ll have to come back to Stgo to have you sign it. Tante auguri!

Danielle July 14, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Great stuff – I guess I better get the book to start cooking to please myself and the Chilean family!! Have a great trip to Texas. Best!

Julie July 17, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Congratulations Liz! Very impressive. Bravo!

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