August 2009

Quintessential Chilean Chicken Stew (Cazuela de Ave)

August 7, 2009

Cazuela is the ultimate Chilean comfort food. The dish has its origins in the indigenous Mapuche soup known as “corri,” originally made with potatoes, pumpkin, corn or cornmeal, green beans, red peppers, quinoa, chili, wild herbs, and animals ranging from wild game to chickens. The Spanish conquerors arriving in Chile in the mid-1500s coined these […]

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Heavenly Pasta-Less Vegetable Lasagna

August 5, 2009

Sorry guys about being MIA since last week.  Moving, moving, moving. Life has been in a bit of flux as we changed change home and office last week. Boxes. Papers. Stacks of things to be sorted, donated, and sold. A huge lightening of the load. In the midst of all this change, I downsized our […]

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